Balance of Magic

First session summary

Everyone met at Rover’s laboratory to discuss their own personal interests with Rover’s services. Eventually a letter was delivered for Zelia by a boy with mechanical hands named Jesse. The letter was from Andre inviting Zelia and the rest of the party to meet with one of his subordinates (Jeffires) at a restaurant to discuss an offer.

Siria and Zelia scoped out the hotel where Jeffries was staying but were not able to find him. Jo identified the letter as being written on a specific type of paper, so she went with Rover and Nathaniel (and Jesse) to the stationary shop to ask about who had purchased it. They learned that this is a popular type of paper manufactured in Heisenburg and sold exclusively in Hillport at this store. A man matching Jeffries’ description bought some earlier.

At the museum, Zelia and Siria rejoined the rest and looked in the library for information on mechanical prosthetics. Jo discovered a book on theory written by “Andre Bronzearm” several years earlier.

Siria’s urchins (whom she’d posted on watch) reported that Jeffries was spotted leaving the hotel. Nathaniel bribed the concierge to get a room adjacent to his and then let the rest of the party in, intending to set a trap.

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