The world is divided between two realms. On one side of the Veil lies an autocratic empire of magic, spirits, and dragons. On the other is a technological society of great innovation and class divisions. The places where these realms overlap are called “border towns” and they are the cultural and economic hubs of the world. But these borders are beginning to subtly shift, and with them the balance of the world. As these changes become more dramatic, the world may never be the same.

The story begins with five individuals brought together by a common interest in artifacts both technological and magical:

  • Jo Fife, a museum curator in search of a magical dagger for her collection
  • Nathaniel Wind, son of a merchant family who trade curiosities between the realms
  • Zeelia Gearheart, half machine and half woman, powered by steam and revenge
  • Siria Silverkin, bastard child of a noble family with an art for “procurement”
  • “Rover”, a dragon scientist whose research brings them all together


Balance of Magic

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