Andre's letter to Zelia

The following letter by Andre was delivered to Zelia in Hillcrest by a boy with mechanical hands.


I won’t insult you by suggesting you’d accept a bribe to stop hunting my men, so I won’t offer one. But you have found your way into unique company, and your new “friends” have the capability to bring me something I want. If you convince them to work with me, you might even get a chance at me again if you stick around. And if in the course of your endeavor your hardness toward me softens and you’re willing to come back to my fold, well, how could I turn you away? We all get something out of this.

As to what I can offer the rest of them, anyone who knows my name will know that I am of extensive means and that I do not forget my friends. I have many curiosities that may interest them (both magical and technological) including pieces of a dagger that I am told may be of some significance. And of course I always have gold.

The details of my request, on the other hand, are better left uncommitted to paper. Meet my man Jeffries and he will fill you in on what I require. There is an eating parlor in upper Hillcrest with a particular flair to its preparation, the Embassy Gardens. Be there at 1:05 in the afternoon on the 23rd.


Andre's letter to Zelia

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